Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beauty (my granny and Prophet's view)


2.07 am in the morning, I plan to stay up for the examination that will be held at the end of this week. But then, something came up and I feel like writing it here. My fiancé called me and we talked about half an hour on how is his interview was. How he got lost in the middle of Bangi, how he has forgotten to bring his relevant certificate and how the perception of the interviewer was. I was waiting for the call for the whole day and I had so many things to share with him. Sadly, immediately after he finished his story, he told me that he is sleepy. I’m quite disappointed but I don’t think I have much choices. I wanted to be an understanding lover, one who is said to be ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’. I wanted to be that woman. But this kind of suppress feeling really annoyed me, silent doesn’t help to calm it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about him, I just want to tell you guys why I’m writing this essay thing, to make me feel much better. Books are again conquering my table, my right hand was holding a pen and the other were pointing at the long, small, tangled and boring alphabet. An hour that filled with 100% focus has passed, I heard my roommate calling my name. So I went to her, she was in front of her laptop, surfing the internet. Since I was about to get married this coming June, she is excited of showing me wedding dresses of other former brides. She showed me her friends’ pictures, those who had the best gowns on and those who look mesmerizing as if they have gone through a makeover. Despite of all that, she also showed a picture of some of her friend that looks prettier when they go to classes compared on their wedding day.

And why is that? A normal answer would be, she has chosen the wrong makeup artist. But what if, she looks beautiful, but you just think that there is something wrong, because she doesn’t look wOW to you. It might be due to the makeup, but there is another explanation point out by our prophet (peace be upon him). The prophet once said; ‘Wahai Muslimin, jauhilah zina kerana perlakuannya mendatangkan enam keburukkan, tiga di dunia dan tiga di akhirat. Adapun tiga yang diperolehi di dunia ialah hilangnya seri wajah, memendekkan umur dan mendatangkan kefakiran. Tiga yang diperolehi di akhirat ialah kemurkaan Allah, hisab yang buruk dan azab api neraka.’

I told her what I have read and she is shock. Actually I just knew this a several months ago, I guest this is why reading is important. Not only reading, but reading a good thing. (A friendly reminder for me who like to read novel even during examination period.) I always feel uneasy when my grandmother keep complaining about married couple during their big day. It sometimes makes me scared that she might do the same on my wedding day, that wouldn’t be a nice memory. She always compared a couple to another ‘Tengok A, cantik jer waktu dia kahwin. Berseri. Macam ini la kita nak. Awak tengok pulak B, cantik tapi tak berseri’ (Another reminder, this is not a good attitude dear, please do not try this at home). Well, actually I failed to recognize what is wrong with their faces, I tend to think all the married couple is beautiful, gorgeous and of course they look loving. I can see how love sparkles in their eyes. Am I so full of it?

Since the complaining attitude never ends, I try a bit harsh way to tell my grandmother that her statement is ‘not nice’. As you all expected, she becomes upset and said ‘Awak tahu apa? Ini pandangan orang tua, mata orang tua. Ini la orang muda sekarang, tak percaya cakap orang tua’. So I give up, I don’t want to hurt her, old folks are known for their sensitive and fragile heart. To come out with a good fact to refute her arguments (you said you’ve give up?), I read about how Islam view couple and marriage. It is when I found out about the Hadith, it was in a short and simple article written by Mohd Fadly Samsudin in a newspaper.

Fine..! Granny, you are right and I’m wrong. Since all my sibling shared the same ‘annoying’ feeling, I distribute the fact that I discovered and all of us is set (like switching hand phone mode) to be silent every times she complains. However, there is another respond came from my sister when she heard granny complaining. Especially when we knew the married couple, ‘Are they date regularly? Do they hold hands?’ and all those question that in the same row. I don’t want to go beyond the line, what is more important is to take care of yourself, don’t let granny repeat it on your big day.

Trauma? I guess I am. Anyway, moral of the story, don’t do anything that brings you whether directly or indirectly to adultery. It will not only shorten your life, makes you look less beautiful and cause kefakiran, but my granny will also talk about you. Hehehe...

Enough said. May Allah place me and my family in a road of success both in this world and hereafter. May our heart will always miss His blessing and our soul is craving to fight in His course.

Semoga setiap amalan diterima, setiap langkah dibawah redhaNya. Ameen.

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